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08/17/2020 | #+*19862770

With an ultra-elite top 1% ranking for $Combined value index, $Beef value index, $Grid value index and Marbling score EPD, G A R Home Base is elite for $Weaned calf value index, $Feedlot value index, maternal Milk EPD and Calving Ease Maternal EPD with a superior top 10% ranking for Calving Ease Direct EPD, Weaning Weight EPD, Yearling Weight EPD and PAP score EPD.

Calving ease, explosive growth, added carcass value, great milking ability and the adaptability to produce progeny that will perform at high altitude make this exciting young sire a great addition to the Brumfield Angus program that produces Angus genetics in both Michigan and Montana and another excellent young low PAP score EPD option from the ORIgen marketing system.

Home Base
Crouch Congress Summer 2022.jpg

02/06/2021 | #+*20163340

Crouch Congress was the crowd favorite of the 2022 National Angus Bull Sale at the Cattlemen’s Congress in Oklahoma City where he demanded a bid of $175,000 for two thirds interest selling to Brumfield Angus Farms and the Congress group.  Congress is sired by the popular $475,000 Hometown and out of the Brumfield Angus Farms and Linz Heritage feature donor, Lady Unanimous 2145-5214. Congress exhibits a phenomenal phenotype with an accelerated EPD profile with 6 traits ranking in the top 1 percent of the entire Angus breed. For semen contact Origen Inc. Owned with Congress group.

Trail Boss

01/15/2020 | #+*19755898

Brumfield Trail Boss 057 (Reg #19755898) was the popular $100,000 valued display herd bull of the 2021 Cattleman’s Congress in Oklahoma City.  Trail Boss exhibits a phenom phenotype and stands on exceptional feet and legs with an outstanding number set that allows him to present 7 economical traits that rank him in the top 4 percent of the Angus breed.  We are getting several reports from the people that have used Trail Boss and they say that he is a go to sleep calving ease sire with calves that flat jump up and grow.  For semen contact Origen Inc. (Owned with Darrell Stevenson and Beartooth Angus)

Baldridge Versatile Fall 2021.jpg

04/24/2019 | # +*19563587

Baldridge Versatile was the lead off and top selling bull of the 2021 Baldridge Performance Angus Bull Sale commanding a $250,000 bid going to Brumfield Angus Farms and a progressive angus group.  When you tour the line-up of bulls standing at Origen with Gary Wall, Versatile will surface as one of phenotype standouts. When you study his data, you will notice that he has 8 EPD traits that rank in the top 1 percent of the Angus population. For semen contact Origen Inc. Owned with Versatile group.


Symmetry 228
01/29/2022 | #+*20294177

Symmetry 228 was the high selling featured bull of the 2022 National Finals Sale in Las Vegas, Nevada where he demanded $150,000 for half interest.  Symmetry displays 12 economical EPD traits that rank in the top five percent of the entire Angus breed with 9 of those ranking in the top one percent.  A phenotypic standout that covers all the bases for weaning growth, yearling growth and exceptional end product merit.  Owned with Symmetry group.



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